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A revolutionary new approach, making it really
easy to create jewellery wax models such as
Rings, Bangles, Pendants and other designs
Ready for Casting
You are jewellery designer, and have just created a new design in your favourite 3D CAD program (3Design, JewelCad, JewelSpace, Matrix, Rhino, RhinoGold…). Now you need a wax model for investment casting.
This revolutionery 123WaxRing system is a combination of the 123WaxRing Wizard in the DeskProto CAM software (patent pending) and the 123Wax Fixture System for your Magic 7 and Magic 70 CNC milling machine. In addition the 123 WaxRing system is faster and cheaper.;

CAM Computer aided
manufacturing Program

123 Wax fixtures

Magic 7 or 70 4 Axis
All In One CNC & Engraving Machine



How does it works

Step 1: XYZ milling with flat toolpath

Step 2: XYZ milling with flat toolpath

Step 3: Rotation axis machining


The 123WaxRing fixture offers two clamping planes, with two positioning pins each. Pre-shaped wax disks are available that exactly fit the pins, these can be clamped onto the fixture using a screw. The ring model is then machined from three sides: side 1 and 2 lying flat on the horizontal clamping surface, side 3 (rotation axis machining) on the vertical clamping surface. A very simple process with highly accurate results.

The 123WaxRing wizard prepares the toolpaths for this milling process: a sequence of just eleven dialog screens that allows you to select the geometry file, orientate it, choose which wax block to use, choose supports and precision, decide if roughing is needed, calculate the CNC toolpaths and then writed NC program files for CNC Magic-70 and Magic -7 and send them to the milling machine in order to machine your model by using 123Wax fixture system to produce your design into final product.


Advantages of the 123WaxRing system

Wax models with undercuts can be created, as the model is machined from three sides.
No need to change the cutter: all milling can be done with the same cutter (conical) (competing systems
also need a straight cutter to machine the reference holes).
All orientations are done with the same workpiece zero point. So this needs to be set only once !
The system is easy to use: take a wax block, fixture it with just one screw start machining.
The system also is very fast: you may have your model within half an hour !
Minimum loss of wax: no oversized wax blocks are needed for clamping purposes.


Some of the Examples
      Bangle 60mm diameter
can be produced upto
80mm diameter
3D WaxModel Carving Solution
The 123WaxModel wizard
The 123Waxring Fixture can also be used for charms, pendants, brooches and other non-ring jewellery. For that aim different wax blocks are needed: with the reference holes at one side of the block instead of in the middle. Also for these wax models a wizard has been created: the 123WaxModel wizard. Note though that these models are machined from only two sides as that is sufficient.
Load 3D model and create toolpath in DeskProto
and create wax model using 123wax fixture system
Step 1 : XYZ milling with flat toolpath Step 2: XYZ milling with flat toolpath Reverse side
The 123 Wax system needs to be used with the
CAM software Desk Proto V 6 Multi-Axis and to produce wax models one needs
Magic 70 or Magic 7 4 Axis All In One CONC Machine
Milling - Engraving - Cutting Text - Patterns - Wax Modelling
For further informationon click on image:

The hardware
Start up

123 Wax Fixture kit

15 Wax Disks consist of:
  • 6. Disks 10mm width
  • 4. Disks 15mm width
  • 3. Disks 20mm width
  • 2. 50 mm square block.
  • 1. Ball End Cutter .025
  • 1. Set of Fixture
Different sizes Wax Discs and Blocks available:
Discs: 10 mm Width 70 & 80 mm Diameter especially for Bangles.
Discs: 20 mm Width 70 & 80 mm Diameter especially for Bangles.
Blocks: 100 x 100 x 10 mm



Availability and prices

Magic 70 4 Axis All In One CNC & Engraving Machine   £6,450.00 plus vat
123Wax Fixture kit:  Brtish £495.00  EUR 645.00  US$ 695.00 (excl shipment and VAT).
DeskProto CAM Software: V6 Multi-Axis Editiopn Commercial license. British £895.00 Euros 995.00 US$ 1195.00 (excl shipment and VAT).


Additional Wax discs and Blocks were available as well (excl shipment and VAT).
Wax Disc 10 mm width x 33 mm dia £2.50 EUR 3.45 US$ 3.75
Wax Disc 15 mm width x 33 mm dia £2.90 EUR 3.80 US$ 4.20
Wax Disc 20 mm width x 33 mm dia £3.20 EUR 4.20 US$ 4.65
Wax Disc 10 mm width x 70 mm dia £6.90 EUR 8.95 US$ 10.00
Wax Disc 20 mm width x 70 mm dia £8.90 EUR 11.90 US$ 12.90
Wax Disc 10 mm width x 80 mm dia £7.60 EUR 9.90 US$ 11.00
Wax Disc 20 mm width x 80 mm dia £9.90 EUR 12.90 US$ 14.40
Wax Block 50 x 50 x 10 mm £2.90 EUR 3.80 US$ 4.20
Wax Block 100 x 100 x 10 mm £7.90 EUR 10.25 US$ 11.45

Note:   Special discounts available on Wax Discs and Blocks

Orders over

£  50.00

Euros    75.00

US$  75.00

Less  5%

Orders over

£ 100.00

Euros  150.00

US$  150.00

Less 10%

Orders over

£ 200.00

Euros  300.00

US$  300.00

Less 20%

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