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Desktop Stand Fresnel Magnifier BigEye-S3

The BigEye-S3 Desktop Stand Fresnel Magnifier can be used as a hands free or hand held magnifier. It comes with a fully adjustable locking stand. It has a wide field of view which makes it the perfect reading aids. It is also great for use at your work bench or for hobbies and assembly work. It is adjustable and can tightened or loosened based on your needs.

Alcon BigEye-S3 Fresnel Lens 1.8x Power Magnifier
Stand magnifier can be used for hand held or hands free purposes

Magnification 1.8x

Lens Dimensions: 300 mm (L) x 250 mm (W)

The base stand has two adjustable screws to allow users to change the position of both the base stand and the lens

Perfect for table tops, work benches, night stands to be used for general reading newspapers, magazines,books and more

The fresnel magnifier is made in Japan of precision optical grade acrylic
The stand contains a locking lever that controls the lens clip giving users the option to remove or insert the fresnel lens for hand-held or hands-free use

129.00 incl vat

Big-Eye LED (with ledlight)
£159.00 incl vat

For Operational

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