Fresnel Lens
1.8 x Magnification
Portable Lectern


Alcon Fresnel Lens 1.8x Magnification


Ideal for use in Classrooms - Libraries - Churches - Seminars and many more usages.


Alcon BookStand
Makes your reading experience more enjoyable.

Larger Fresnel lens magnifies the page
Enlarges the text.


99.00 incl vat & UK
Alcon BookStand Loupe comes with Wide Fresnel Lens 1,8x magnifier makes your reading experience more enjoyable. Large Fresnel Lens magnifies the page, enlarges the text. It can hold the single page, a magazine and an open book. Fresnel Lens cover the the whole BookStand making an extra page or the double page spread visible and magnified. The Fresnel Lens sits on a slide mechanism so it can be moved closer or further from the page according to the book size and your comfort. The slide mechanism hold the Lens above your reading material for you, leaving your hands free.
Alcon Book Stand can be adjusted to one of four angles to suits your comfort. Alcon Bookstand is fitted with Lens - Page Grip Fresnel is a lens made of acrylic, haigliaefresnel. Thickness 2 mm, 300 x 250 mm, 1.8 magnification. Body Weight 1020 g Total Product Weight approx. 1190 g ( lectern body + Fresnel Lens)

Alcon Lectern BookStand and Fresnel Lens is made in Japan
of precision optical grade acrylic


A Fresnel lens is a type of compact lens originally developed by French Physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel for lighthouse. Fresnel Lenses are also used as simple hand-held magnifiers. They are also used to correct several visual disorders, including ocular motility disorders such as Strabismus.

Main uses of Fresnel Lens:

Lighthouse lens – Photography – Illumination – Projection - Solar Power - Automobile Industry Aircraft carriers and Naval air stations typically use Fresnel Lenses in their optical landing systems. The Fresnel lens is being used for enhancing passenger reading lights on Airbus aircraft.


For Operational

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