R-EVO 7500-15000


150 - 200 Joule

Applying the knowledge acquired during the development of the mark-uno and XXS-EVO, subsequently perfected thanks to years of experience, OROTIG introduces the R-EVO series of LASER-welding machines.

Designed to reach powers of up to 200J and capable of supporting continuous working cycles, it has a large welding chamber, designed to adapt to operatorís needs, a new system for viewing-through the welding and working parameters as well as operator-machine messaging on the color touch-screen display.

These are just a few of the features of this very innovative LASER-welder.


  • Special electronic and optical setting to facilitate the welding of particularly reflective metals such as silver and gold.

  • LEICAís stereo microscope with 10 levels of enlargement, tilted towards the operator, for a more ergonomic welding position.

  • Integrated OROTIGís patented OBC (On Board Camara) system to allow viewingthrough of welding inside the chamber by means of on the large color 8.4" monitor and, by the touch of a finger, to alternate the reading of all working parameters and operator-machine messaging t on the color TFT display.

OBC - On Board Camera Supplementary image viewing- through system at welding, positioned coaxial to the stereo microscope and to the LASER aperture. It allows images originated at welding inside the chamber to be viewed on an integrated colour monitor, connected to a HD video camera wit a dedicated video output
Large and Spacious Welding Chamber Spacious, free and comfortable. The special ďTiltĒ structure of the R-EVOís welding chamber has been designed to facilitate welding and to allow he introduction of big objects, even larger and bulky. The base of the welding chamber can be dropped, and once all open, it is possible to work on larger objects.
Welding Spot Diameter 0.1mm Thanks to a particularly system - the SSCS patented by Orotig - itís possible to focus the Laser-beam on very small welding spots, as diminutive at .01mm (under certain limits of set working parameters).
Digitally Cooling System The R_EVO cooling system has been designed to allow continuous working upto 24 hours 7 day cycle. Optical parts and electronic components are liquid-cooled by a digitally controlled. Water/Water combined system, subsidized by a which allow total heat dissipation maintaining the temperature inside the machine continuously below 40íC
Smart Service - USB Data Storage Storage of all vital machine information. A system which facilities the identification of and solution to eventual problems, and the execution of software upgrade.
  • The large "open space" welding chamber, with a lever-type design, is lowered towards the operator for a more comfortable and ergonomic working position.

  • Innovative and powerful LED-type lighting system coaxial to the LASER-aperture and dimmable at operatorís needs

  • Access and adjustment of all LASER functions through a rotary-switch inside the weldingchamber

  • 20 pre-set working programs and 100 memory cells to store operatorís most used sets of working parameters.

  • Electronic regulation of welding spot diameter.

  • Only 0.1 mm in diameter of the minimum spot, thanks to the integrated OROTIGís patented system "Spot Size Control System" (SSCS)

  • Double water cooling circuit (heat-exchanger and speed-controlled fan exhausting the ehat inside) for a higher duty-cycle to support longer and heavy load working sessions.

  • 5th generation newly devised (DCCPS -Digital Cap Charge Power Supply) generator, which manages gigitally all LASER-power requirements.


Technical Specifications


R-EVO 7500

R-EVO 15000

Power supply

1-ph,230 Vac±10%, 50/60Hz, 10 A

1-ph,230 Vac±10%, 50/60Hz, 16 A

Peak Pulse-power,kW



Average Power, W



Frequency of Repetition, Hz



Type of crystal

Nd:YAG @ 7 mm

2 x Nd:YAG @ 7 mm

Spot size

0,1 - 2,0


10X at 45° binoculars and cross-hair pointer by LEICA

Pulse Shaping programs



Programmable Memory-cells


Weight, Kg



Dimensions, cm (E x D x H)

58.6 x 90.2 x 65,1





Video - Presentation R-EVO Series

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