LASER Engraver RR-Writer 70W


The LASER-marker RR-WRITER 70 by OROTIG has been designed with the specific intent to cut by LASER metal plates spending the least needed time. Thanks to its particular features and the quality of the components used, this equipment is used to mark/engrave even the most graphically elaborated and complex designs, so obtaining excellent results.

This goal is achieved mostly by equipment proper work and respect of treated metal surfaces with a very accurate and well calibrated LASER-beam despite the presence of very high power-output, which is a peculiar feature normally present in equipment suited for LASER-cutting only.

This model of LASER-marking equipment results particularly suited for both jewel manufacturing by LASER-cutting – by means of a dedicated automatic feeder for metal plates, it can LASER-cut patterns and designs serially and in sequence – and customizing jewellery pieces by LASER engraving/marking their surfaces with texts, logos, drawings, images, and graphic patterns. By means of the use of the rotary device – jewelry pieces are clasped to fitting spindles – it is possible to LASER-mark/cut rings, bracelets and slightly curved surfaces.

The RR-WRITER 70 uses the “MULTI-DIODE PUMPED FIBER” technology ensuring higher levels of productivity by quality of job done and by managing even the most heavy daily workloads, so fully satisfying the high standards required by today’s jewellery market. The result of this technology is an equipment extremely reliable and fast, extraordinarily long-lived, highly efficient and with a minimum environmental impact.

The main features of the LASER-marker RR-WRITER 70 can be summarized as follows:

  • Integrated camera for an optimal viewing of the marking area, allowing operators to better position objects to be marked/cut;
  • Digitally adjustable Z-axis for an easier focusing of pieces, guided by two high-brightness pilot diode-LASERs;
  • The “Cold-Light” technology, thanks to an extremely low heat generation, eliminates both the needs to preheat the equipment at start working as well as to use an auxiliary cooling device;
  • Operating commands are present on the machine, at its base, and, on the software for the remote control of operations by means of a PC;
  • Integrated control for the automatic on/off of the external vacuum device, recommended to be used to filter smokes inside and possibly recoup precious metal dust into provided paper-filters;
  • Possibility to import job files, with a wide range of extensions of images, vectorial drawings, logos, texts, pictures, ...

Automatic Feeder for Plate Cutting - Optional

The automatic feeder for metal plates provided by OROTIG makes it possible to mark and cut objects from a metal sheet, without the need of single manual positioning at each task. Fitted with pneumatic electro-valves and electronic movement controls via a console, it is able to reposition the metal sheet any time in need of without the presence of a standing-by operator.

Rotary Axis Digitally Controlled - Optional

All the OROTIG's Writers can be provided with a rotary device with automatic movement, controlled by software. A tool necessary for LASER-marking rings, bracelets and all round or curved objects. With its 1/500 scale precision, this device guarantees the perfect positioning of markings, even on particularly curved surfaces.

Supports for Rings and Bracelets - Optional

Especially designed to be firmly applied to the rotary axis device, these three-pin chucks are perfect for LASER-marking the inner or the outern side of rings, bracelets and items with a round shape. A special handling support on one of the pins of those chicks can be adapted to have micro-marked by LASER large rings as well as rings exposing very large gems and stones.

3D Software Extension - Optional

Ideal for the three-dimensional reproduction of designs and engravings with major detail, requiring different levels of engraving depth. This software extension, optionally provided, is based on the management of STL files, allows the 3D reproduction of solids authentic to their real proportions.


The new and revolutionary model with 50W of wer, in addition to fulfill all normal LASER-marking applications, allows tpohe cutting of metal sheets thicker than 1 mm in very reasonable lapses of time.


Product RR-WRITER 70 by OROTIG
LASER-source type Multi Diodi pumped fiber (Yb) LASER (Class 4)
Wavelength 1059 ÷ 1065 nm
LASER Pulse-power 70 W
Pulse Duration 40 nS
Pulse-energy 1.0 mJ a 20 kHz
M2 1.0 ÷ 1.6
Pulse-frequency 70 ÷ 500 kHz
Scan-head Ultra high-speed galvanic mirrors, marking speed > 7m/s
Scan-head’s focus adjustment Through the built-in digital keyboard, software and footswitch
Spot Diameter 25 μm
Size of L-marking area 110 x 110 with 160-mm f-Theta
Cooling system Air-cooled LASER source Auxiliary external chiller NOT required, nor to warm-up time
Color Micro Video-camera Integrated, included with 8X zoom
Access Door Moved up/down by program; openings on the 3 sides to easy introduce ext aux devices into a 32x45-cm working area
Power-supply Single-phase, 100/240V, 50/60Hz, 9A (12A in 3-axis version)
Power Consuption 750W-1000W (in 3-axis version)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 45 x 71 x 65 cm
Weight 75 Kg

RR-Writer-70W-LASER Cutting/Marking

RR-Writer-70W Automatic Feeder

RR-Writer-Equipment Characteristic

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