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The birth of the XXS EVO series, which is the most compact class of welding machines, the XXS-EVO while keeping being compact, reliable, and highperforming., it has been enhanced by a fresh and more appealing exterior, a better user-machine interface, new functions, and, finally, the power ranging from 60 to 125 Joules, capable to satisfy all categories of customers, from dental labs to jewellery manufacturers and repair shops to ... other sector and more applications.

In addition to guaranteeing best performance, high productivity and compact size, constant research for new solutions has led to the introduction of additional functions such as:

  • A new operator-machine interface, which by means of a 5.7" color touchscreen display, allows fast access to working parameters and easy management of options.

  • 32 memory cells to save work settings.

  • 5 pre-set waveforms (pulse-shaping) to obtain higher quality welding on all types of metals/alloys.

  • A LED-type lighting system coaxial to the LASERaperture inside the welding chamber.

  • The flow of Argon gas directly onto the welding area and co-axially to the LASER-aperture with the possibility to set different post-gas and pre-gas timings.

  • Powerful and silent hydraulic cooling circuit designed to support more intensive working cycles.

  • The possibility to choose a model with either 60, 100 or 125 Joules of power.

All these characteristics, combined with a new design and new interface, make the XXS-EVO the LASERWelder the benchmark for the next generation of LASER welding equipment, in terms of technological evolution and operator adaptability.

OBC - On Board Camera(Optional) Supplementary image viewing-thru system at welding, positioned coaxial to the stereo microscope and to the LASER aperture. It allows images originated at welding inside the chamber to be viewed on an integrated colour monitor, connected to a HD video camera with a dedicated video output.
Wi-Fi Connection (Optional) I'ts an additional module to the OBC system, which, by means of an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection, allows welding stages to be viewed on a PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone. This makes it possible to create presentations and image sequences for customers or websites.
FreeVision - Digital Viewer (Optional) The sophisticated "FreeVision" system, patented by OROTIG, guarantees easy viewing and constant image definition, making welding processes more practical and less tiresome, facilitating the learning approach by less expert operators or those unfamiliar with the use of a micro-
Microscope "Lynx"(Optional) The Lynx microscope uses Dynascope™ technology, patented by Vision Engineering, which provides a high resolution stereoscopic view, drastically reducing visual strain so to improve productivity and precision.
Broad Access to Welding Chamber Spacious - Free - Comfortable The ergonomics of the welding chamber have been designed to facilitate welding and allow a comfortable working position, even when intervening large objects
Color Touch-screen Display It allows comfortable access of data and easies reading of working parameters, in addition to their intuitive management (power, time, frequency of repetitions, dimensions of welding spot, etc)
Smart Service - USB Data Storage Storage of all vital machine information. A system which facilities the identification of and solution to eventual problems, and the execution of software upgrade.

Technical Specifications


EVO 60

EVO 100

EVO 125

Power supply Single phase ~115-230 VAC±10%, 50/60Hz, 16 A
Crystal type 6.3mm Nd:YAG @ 1064nm 7mm Nd:YAG @ 1064nm
Power impulse and time 60J at 15 mS 100J at 20 m 125J at 25 ms
Peak power 4.8 kW 5 kW
Mean power 40 W 55 W 60 W
Frequency of repetition   15 Hz  
LASER spot dimension   From 0.3 to 1.5 mm  
Access controls External with display TFT 3,5” colour touch­screen with inside chamber joystick
Stereo-microscope   45° with 10X and cross hair (Leica)
Weight 28 Kg   32 Kg  
Dimensions (W xDxH)   52 x 68 x 34 cm
Cooling type   Forced air with fan speed control,
    1lt liquid and radiator

Video Presentation XXS-EVO

Video-Examples of Laser Welding Jewellery 1

Video-Examples of Laser Welding Jewellery 2

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