EPS-5 Compact


EPS-5 Compact
Electroplating Machine

Compact electroplating machine for gold, silver, rhodium, nickel, chrome, copper, bronze

Just For £214.00 plus vat and carriage
How Does it Work
Technical Specifications :

-input: 110V-240V AC
-current: 0-2 A continuously
-regulated vltage - 1.15-11.5 V
-anode and cathode 4 mm contact rods
-3 water's heating plastic tanks (50 ml each)
-plating-stripping option
-Air agitation option for all three tanks
-SS 316, copper and nickel anodes for cleaning process and for copper, gold, silver, rhodium and platinum plating
-dimensions  (175(w)x150(d)x150(h)) mm
-tank dimensions (50 dia x 63 high) mm
-biggest forming/plating object's dimensions is about (25 sq.mm)
-copper chemicals to make 50 ml of plating solution for testing purpose
-biggest plating area - (50 sq.mm)
-overload automatic power cut-off system
-beige polypropylene plastic enclosure for your safety
-traditional design
-weight - 1 kg.

Delivery specification:

- the compact electroplating machine
- 2 x anode and cathode 4 mm steel rods
- high purity SS, copper and nickel anode strips for different plating processes
- 3 x protective plastic mesh for the anode strips
- 3 tanks 50 ml each
- copper plating chemicals for 50 ml of solution for testing purpose
- one year warranty



Frequentley both bought together
Compact Electroplater and Electromagnetic Polisher
We would offer you at a special price
Poisher £165.00 plus vat plus and carriage
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Compact Electroplater £214.00 plus vat and carriage
Plating Solutions Prices for:
Compact Electroplating Machine EPS-5
Ready to Use

  70 ml Cleaning, ready-to-use solution (widely using before electroplating for cleaning up all plating objects – £4.55
70 ml Copper ready-to-use solution (copper plating process) – £12.30
70 ml Nickel ready-to-use solution (nickel plating process)  - £19.50
70 ml 18 Ct Gold ready-to –use solution (18 Ct Gold plating process)  -  £31.65
70 ml 18 Ct Rose Gold ready-to –use solution (18 Ct Rose Gold plating process)  -  £40.00
70 ml 9 Ct Gold ready-to-use solution (9 Ct Gold plating process) -  £26.65
70 ml 9 Ct Rose Gold ready-to-use solution (9 Ct Rose Gold plating process) -  £30.00
70 ml Rhodium ready-to-use solution (Rhodium plating process) – 65.35
70 ml Silver ready-to-use solution (Silver Plating process) – £20.80

Extra Pots for Solutions - £4.20  
All types of anodes (except Rhodium) for compact unit – £10.40
Platinized Rhodium anode – £49.55

All these prices are subject VAT
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