- Manufactured in UK
165.00 plus vat and carriage
This unusall Compact Electromagnetic Polisher designed for Jewellers - Designers - restorers - model makers to clean non-magenetic metal objects for cleaning and polishing purpose. Due to being such a size easily can be used at home and small workshop. Ideal for cleaning and polishinhg small 25 mm objects for expample coin size of Gold - Silver - Platinum and other Non-Magetic materials

Power Supply: 230V
Watt: 50
Speed: 2000 rpm Unloaded
Continulosly working Time: 24 Hours
Max Load Weight: 250 Gram in Total
Plastic Pot Dimension: 80 mm D x 60 mm H
Mechine Dimenions: 230 W x 140 D x 120 mm H
Body Material: Plastic Polypropylene
Mediums: SS304 Pins
Type of Processes: Wet or Dry
Magnets Type: Neodymium -36 x 2
Warranty: One Year
Weight: 2 kg
Mediums: SS304 Magnetic Pins

Delivery Specification: Electromagnetic Cleaner/Polisher
One Platic Pot
Pack of 50 gram of SS Magnetic Pins
Instruction Manual
Optional Extra:
Special Plastic Post
with top and bottom lids
Pack of 50 gram of
SS Magnetic Pins Course or Fine
Ammonia Based Liquid
1 Litre for Cleaning and Polishing
9.00 plus vat and carriage
9.00 plus vat and carriage
19.00 plus vat and carriage
Polishing Powder 100gm Stainless Steel Balls 2mm for Polishing
Frequently both bought together
Electromagnetic Polisher and Compact Electroplater

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Electro-Magnetic Poisher
165.00 plus vat plus and carriage
Compact Electroplater
214.00 plus vat and carriage
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