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XXS-EVO Series


Nd:YAG LASERs are commonly defined as "solid-state LASERs". The active LASER medium is a crystallite of Yttrium and Aluminum, doped with Neodymium, which after being stimulated by a strobe light emits a coherent, monochromatic and concentrated light wave, in a rectilinear and one-way beam

  Nd:YAG crystal LASERS emit infrared light with a wavelength of 1064nm either in continuous (CW) or pulsed (CCW) modes; the latter is normally used for welding, exploiting the most of its natural capacity to supply large quantities of energy (up to 20kw) in very short lapses timed in milliseconds.
The LASER-welding process uses this high density energy, supplied in short periods of time, to rapidly, almost instantaneously, brings the metal to its melting point, reducing thermal stress to the minimum and creating smaller, cleaner, deeper, and better quality welding spots when compared to those obtained by using traditional welding techniques.

The main advantages of welding by LASER, in addition to neatness and precision, are:
  • High working speed

  • Minimum thermal stress to metals

  • Excellent superficial appearance of welding

  • Manageable in depth penetration

OROTIG is a world leader in the production of solid-state LASER-welding equipment, which emit a pulsed LASER-light. The advantages of this type of welding are best expressed when applied to metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, titanium, stainless–steel alloys, , cobalt-chromium- and nickel-chromium based alloys, cast-iron, and many other pure metals and alloys.



R-EVO Series

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Our range of LASER-welding equipment includes:

  • The XXS-EVO, which in its 60-100 and 125 Joule versions, is the series of LASER Welders suitable for all micro-welding applications.. It offers great performance, a high production capacity, keep in size and weight to a minimum.

  • The Mark-UNO is particularly suitable for medium sized shops and labs with as strong view towards growth of production. Capable of supporting intensive working sessions whilst guaranteeing solid reliability.

  • The R-EVO, with power up to 200 Joules, satisfies the needs of companies in need of LASER-Welders for no-stop use, with very intensive, 24/7 working session thanks to its very high duty-cycle capabilities.
Thanks to versatility and the broad selection of workable metals/alloys, OROTIG’s LASER-welding machines are chosen every day by high level professionals in a broad range of industrial sectors, for the production of jewels, metal dental restorations, orthodontics, eye-glass frames, thermocouples, cardiac stents, and other uses.

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