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is a multifunctional engraving machine able to engrave on pendants, the inside diameter of a ring/bangle, the outside diameter of a ring/bangle with beautiful and indelible letters or patterns quickly and easily. Its noiseless, compact-size and neat design enables anyone to use it anywhere and its simple instructions allow anyone to engrave things beautifully

£3,750.00 plus vat


Country of Origin Korea

Lease Finance Available from £34.00 per week plus vat for 3 years

  • It’s used for engraving on every type of metal such as gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, etc.
  • Engraving with a diamond tool leaves the engraved surface smooth.
  • It can engrave on both internal and external diameter of a ring/bangle.
  • It fastens most material without changing the clamp.
  • A inside-ring/bangle tool (L-Tool) is built in.
  • Bangle engraving is available (Max diameter 83.5mm).
  • The depth of engraving is deep enough to be indelible.
  • It’s very quiet engraving machine that can be used anywhere.
  • Its laser pointer points to the area of engraving for easy and errorless positioning.
  • A lager graphic LCD screen shows machine status and guides machine use.
  • The clamp structure is easily capable of handling optional clamps as necessary.



Some of the Examples