Milling One’s own
Designs on
Wedding Rings


Milling One’s Own
Designs on Wedding Rings

Process exclusively for rings that performs many kind of operations related with:
Milling one’s own design - Ring shaping in quick and easy steps - like milling - drilling - carving - millgrain - engraving and etc. On choice of metals (Gold, Platinum, Silver, Bronze and etc)



DeskProto (CAM Program)
DeskProto is a 3D CAM program (CAM, Computer Aided Manufacturing). It imports 3D Geometry from any 3D CAD program, calculates toolpaths and then writes NC program files for milling machine in order to machine your model, mold or even your final product.
One can also easly create wax Ring models Ready for Casting
Steps for Ring Carving with MAGIC 10

Pre-Installed Auto-Circulating Coolant System Provides High Production Quality and Extends Durability of the Machine

Pre-Installed Chip-Filtering System Collects Chips of Gold or Silver.

Magic 10

Also having dimond-tip tool for engraving on outer - inner of rings and bangles.
Milling Machine including DeskProto CAM Software: £5995.00 plus VAT
Lease Finance available from: £199.00 + vat per month for 3 years.
If you do not have acces to 3D CAD system one can choose 5 different designs out shown below already written into NC files:
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