Mini Polishing Unit
Grinder & Flexshaft


Mini Variable Speed
Polishing Unit

99 plus vat and carriage
This precision built, mini polishing motor features variable speed control, two " spindles and a high maximum speed of 8,500rpm. The quiet, smooth running motor enables you to achieve higher surface feet per minute with smaller buffs, ideal for quick, easy use at the workbench. Maintenance free with no lubrication required, the compact polishing motor has pre-lubricated ball bearings and a dust-proof motor housing. Designed to perform a wide variety of tasks, this versatile, high power machine is suitable for use with small mounted mops, wheels and other polishing accessories. The spindles measure 5mm - 12.70mm in diameter

Combination Bench Grinder
and Flexshaft

99 plus vat and carriage
The multi-purpose Bench Grinder and Flexshaft is the perfect addition for any workshop. Whether you're a beginner, hobbyist or professional this machine can save you time and offer great versatility. This small, yet powerful combination machine can reach speeds of up to 10,000RPM and is suitable for not only grinding and polishing but also drilling, buffing and engraving - due to the additional flexible shaft. The machine is small measuring approx. 160mm H x 270mm L x 125mm W and features a magnetic DC motor with high torque force. It has been fitted with 4 rubber feet to prevent movement and 2 protective plastic screens to cover the wheels. A varied speed dial at the front alters the speed and an insertion point to the right of the motor allows for connecting the flexshaft. Supplied with a range of accessories including; 2 x 3" grinding wheels (coated, rough fibre wheel and grinder stone), a detachable 90cm long flexshaft, a lightweight, sculpted fixed handpiece (130mm long, 19mm diameter) that has been designed for comfort with incorporated textured finger pads, 1 x 2.35mm collet, spare motor brushes and collet wrenches. Due to its petite size, this machine is ideal to keep on your workbench. This item is powered by a 3 pin plug. Please note - Wheels and mops over 3" diameter should not be used. Covered with 1 year warranty. Suitable for 2.35mm shanked accessories only.

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