Mode 360 Photo Composer


Mode360ฐ Photo Composer

Is an automated solution for photo studio perfect product photography. Extremely easy to use and very affordable
Create Professional Visualisations Of Your Product On Your Own
Cost Cutting User Friendly Software FAST
Owning a photo studio you are independent from any outside contractors. A quick return on investment and daily savings are certain. There are no hidden costs in MODE S.A.’s transparent offer. You do not need any experience in photography or post-processing. Thanks to our simple, intuitive software you will be able to create web-ready 360 product images – perfectly sharp and with a white background – and publish them online. In case of any questions or doubts, MODE S.A.’s team is available for you at all times. Taking a high quality picture takes merely a few seconds and a professional 360 product view comes out in less than a minute. Boost your workflow efficiency.

• MODE360 ฐ Photo Composer
• MODEViD Software
• Cloud Account

• Intuitive and user-friendly interface
• Advanced image post processing software
• Auto background removal
• Super Focus (focus stacking) function which automates taking perfectly sharp images
• 360ฐ animations in HTML5 and VIDEO clips
• Upload to YouTube and cloud account on
• Adjustable turntable
• LEDs control with adjustable light intensity
• Camera control with adjustable settings
• Ability to create settings templates
• ‘Live’ picture editing

Easy and fast publishing on websites, Facebook, etc.:
• 360ฐ presentation
• Mini photo gallery
• QR code, GIF, MP4
Model: FA40
Dimensions: S47 ืD54 ื W55 cm
Weight: 18 kg
Voltage: 110-240 V
Power: 150 W
Diameter of the turntable: 380 mm
Light type: LED 5700 K (daylight)
Dimensions of the subject: max. 15 ื 15 ื 15 cm
Weight of the subject: max. 1 kg
Warranty: 3 years
Using MODE360 ฐ Photo Composer requires a PC or MAC and a Canon EOS camera (or selected Nikon DSLR models) with a standard or macro lens.

A Canon EOS camera (or selected Nikon DSLR models)
with a standard or macro lens
System: Windows 64bit 7/8/10; MAC OS X 10.12
Processor: min. Intelฎ Core ™ i3
RAM: min. 8 GB
Port: 3 ื USB 2.0

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