£3,495.00 Plus Vat and delivery

POLIRET COMFORT polishing machine is fitted own suction METAL DUST BAG

Country of Origin Germany

The POLIRET COMFORT polishing unit from Reitel is ideally suited for parallel applications. It has two spindles with flexibly adjustable speeds of up to 4,500 rpm. So you can work with different pastes and brushes at the same time - e.g. for pre-polishing and high-gloss polishing. Bright LED lights illuminate your work area on the spindles and two movable, scratch-resistant panes protect your clothing from flying splashes.The extraction channels of the POLIRET COMFORT can be individually adjusted in terms of their performance using the adjusting screws above.

The exhaust air is directed upwards so that you can practically place the device up to the wall of your laboratory row. The filters in which the extracted dirt ends up can of course also be easily removed and washed at 40 °c.

POLIRET polishing machine comes with own suction system so one does not needs to connect to outside suction unit. POLIRET polishing machine’s own suction system to collect all the metal dust into filter bag fitted to the top as suction air is exhausted to the top.

The filter bag of the integrated suction is washable and can be reused. The filter bag can be sent to Metal recovery company.

POLIRET COMFORT stainless steel units can be placed directly against the wall, since suction airis exhausted to the top. The filter bag is being integrated suction is washable and can be reused.The filter bag can be sent to Metal recovery company.

Technical specifications


Mains connection: 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Motor power: 550 W
Suction power: 400 W
Height / width / depth: 500 + 100/730/560 mm
Weight: 60
Infinitely variable speed: 270 - 4,500 rpm.
Extraction: 800 m 3 / h
Case: stainless steel
Step less speed regulation
Two work spindles made of stainless steel
LED work area lighting
Two separately adjustable suction channels
Dust and dirt disposal with 40 ° C
washable, easily exchangeable fleece filters
Emergency switch
Storage tray for polishing parts