EPS-50 Professional
Plating Machine

- Manufactured in UK
5 x 1 Litre
For Professional Producers with high throughput.
£1190.00 plus vat and carrriage
How Does it Work
-Model: EPS-40;
-Input: 110 VAC - 240 VAC;
-Output: 0-12 VDC / 0-30 ADC continuously or 40 A on pick;
-4-mm Anode rod (upfront of tanks) and 5 Cathode rods with 4-mm connectors;
-5 circular plastic tanks with dimensions (mm): (100Dx140(H));
-Digital 50 A/V meter on front panel for your convenience;
-Automatic overload cut-off system;
-Two movable, 50-Watt each adjustable glass heating elements with a thermostats with connections
-Set of anodes for cleaning, copper, nickel, zinc, chrome, gold and silver plating purposes for 1 L tank (strips)
-Air agitation system with a clear PVC hose with internal air compressor for †
high quality of coating and for saving plating time and chemicals†
-An air extraction blower system with front transparent plastic lid†
-Plating-Stripping switch (for removing unwanted layers from previously plated objects)††††††
-Set of cables;
-Approximate dimension of the station (mm): (615x300x400(H);
-Beige colour polypropylene plastic body (acidís resisted) for your safety;
-Additional plating line for external, bigger tanks;
-Weight: 19 kg.
-1 year full manufacturer warranty.
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