RhinoGold 6.0
The Ultimate CAD for
Jewellery Professionals


The Greatest and most advanced tools to create
bespoke jewellery, together with ease of Elements,
make RhinoGold v6 the ‘way to go’ for
jewellery professionals.
RhinoGold V6.0
Astonishing 3D jewellery pieces for both manufacturing and marketing purposes
RhinoGold V6.0

Discover the new tools of Version 6

Combine the Ease of Elements with the Advance Setting

Design organic shapes however
complex with the new Clayoopo 2.0

WOW your customer Dress up your marketing with powerful rendering tools Integrated manufacturing ability trough quick CAM exporting for producing as you wish

Check out the existing, but yet powerful RhinoGold Tools

Key Benefits
  • Create quicker with Element
  • WOW Your Customer!
  • Make it real
  • Be Creative
  • Sculpting Tools
  • Training & Support
Make it real: Wax Modelling & 3D Printing
  • CAM Export
  • STL wizard
  • Milling support structures for CNC Machines

Designs created by using RhinoGold v6.0 one can create wax models ready for casting. (For further information click here)




We can offer ONE - to - ONE training on RhinoGold v6.0



Render Studio


Web 3D

Animation Studio

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