Milling Process
Ring shaping in quick and easy steps - like milling cylinder-shaped  materials-digging out groves-drilling-carving-millgrain-shaping and etc.  There is no need casting or welding and direct manufacturing and producing ring’s outer shape  minimises extra process. Also high-speed rotating tool cuts and sculpts various metals materials       (Gold, Silver, Bronze and etc)
Magic-10  also having diamond-tip tool engraving on outer/inner of rings and bangles.
Is a milling process exclusively for rings that performs many kind of operations related with:
 Pre-Installed Auto-Circulating Coolant System Provides High  Production  Quality and Extends Durability of the Machine 
-  Infinitely circulating coolant system provides high quality in manufacturing and extends durability.
-  The coolant automatically discharges chips during the process. 
-  Easy cleaning for finished product with discharging coolant.
 Pre-Installed Chip-Filtering System Collects Chips of Gold or Silver.
-  Chips produced by milling one easily collected.
-  Separate trays are convenient for easy collection of gold or silver chips

Tools for Engraving Inner/Outer of  Rings and Bangles are Provided
-    Pre-installed L-shaped tool provides         direct  engraving without changing tools.
-  Provides high-quality engraving with
▷ Provides Various Use of V-cutter, Endmill Cutter, Diamond-Tip Tools and Etc.
-  Versatile tools are suitable for various types of  design.
 Examples of Manufacturing with MAGIC-10
● Milling and engraving letters on customised rings
● Digging out grooves (for jewellery to be placed in), drilling, carving,
MAGIC-10 S sample