TSL Work Station Lights

LED Lighting PL151


£624.00 + vat and Delivery

Country of Origin : Germany


The workstation light series PL151 is the result of consistent research and development. The new LED workstation light PL151 is based on the multi-awarded design and lighting technology. The program of the LED lighting system PL151 was extended with new variants for further industrial applications.

Depending on the application and the desired lighting features, there are different optic variants available.The sleek aluminium design and high-quality synthetic parts bridge functional industrial standards and appealing office design. The PL151 offers extraordinary illumination though requires little space due to its perfect flat construction. The PL151 system also offers new mounting possibilities.

Great Climate LED technology reduces heat emission.
Colour Setting - Glare-Free - No Noticeable Shadow Effect - Easy Cleaning


Built-in light control

On/off switch - Brightness adjustment - Colour temperature tuning Save/recall up to three light settings - Memory display

Small light - Great effect

The PL151 features an exceptional compact design. Considering the size of light-emitting surface, the PL151 illuminates large areas. The graphic shows that the PL151x8 (with 60° prismatic) illuminates an area of example 1m x 2m very homogeneously and brightly. The light is located at a distance of 1m to the table.
Ilumination: Red line > 400lx - Orange line > 500lx - Green line >1000lx

Product Features

Technical Data

  • As an office, assembly or inspection light with selected lighting technology on an articulated arm or wall mounting
  • Flat light with modern look
  • Luminous colours: Tunable white from 3,000 to 6,500 K, with or without an integrated control unit
  • Beam angle: Prismatic 60° for ceiling mounting, micro structure with diffuser 106° or micro structure without diffuser 116°
  • Mounting variants: using profile systems or on walls as well as the articulated arm with universal clamp, drilling screw fitting or screw-on mounting
  • Nominal voltage: 48 VDC
  • Nominal power: 24 W @ 48 VDC with a length of 304 mm
  • Operating temperature: 20… +40 °C
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Visible external dimensions (L x W x H): 304 to 825 x 188 x 15 mm
Universal clamp Power Pack
Lights are supplied with
Universal clamp and Power Pack
Mounting Versions
Optional Extra
Drilling screw fitting Metal screw on plate