TSL Work Station Lights

Adjustable workstation light


The intuitive operation of the PL90 workstation light allows quick and easy adjustment of personal lighting in the office or at assembly workstations, such as in the:

Precision Engineering, Jewellery, Watch Making, Dental labs and Electronics industries.

The high quality LED lighting provides optimal lighting conditions that improve and facilitate work processes. The colour rendering properties of a CRI 90 are ideally prepared for such tasks.

The light can be freely adjusted in the colour spectrum between warm white (3,000 K) and cool white (6,500 K) and stored with the desired brightness value. The saved light settings can be easily recalled at any time, thus supporting a smooth workflow.



The PL90 has a short upper articulated arm. This makes the adjustment of the light even more flexible when space is limited. Additional strips on the lighting body also prevent eyes from being dazzled when working in the near field area. This is a great advantage when the head is positioned particularly close to the object during complex assembly work, such as in the watch industry.

The PL90 workstation light has a high luminosity without dazzling. This means more protection for the user and more efficiency in the workflow.

Product-Highlights and Customer Benefits

£495.00 + vat and Delivery

Country of Origin : Germany

Service life of more than 50,000 operating hours Light colour and brightness adjustment Multiple light settings can be saved and recalled at will (memory function) Reduced shadowing and glare due to special micro structure optics Weakened light reflection on high-gloss parts Short upper articulated arm for even more flexible adjustments Anti-glare bar prevents direct glare when working in the near field area

Mounting Versions

Lights are supplied with Universal clamp

  Universal clamp Drilling screw fitting Metal screw on plate



Technical Details

Description Data
Nominal Voltage
230 VDC
Nominal Power
24 W @ 230 VDC
Operating Temperature -20 … +40 °C
Degree of Protection IP20
Visible External Dimensions (L x W x H) 307 x 132 x 15 mm
Power Supply Euro plug (type C)
Housing Aluminium
Cover PMMA
Luminous Colour warm white to cold white (3,000 … 6,500 K)
without diffuser with diffuser
Distance Luminance  
0,5 m
1,0 m
2,0 m
Beam Angle
Lumens per Watt
1482 lux
370 lux
93 lux
1601 lux
400 lux
100 lux
48 lm/W