TSL Work Station Lights

As we spend much of our lives at work, it is particularly important that good work place lighting conditions facilitate and improve work processes. LED workstation lights from TSL meet this standard with flying colours. The PL151 Series is already the second generation of this award-winning lighting series. The innovative PL90 Series is new to the product portfoli

TSL’s LED workstation lighting minimizes shadows and glare

The PL151 and PL90 allow the user to continuously and individually adjust the brightness and colour temperature from warm white (approx. 3,000 K) to cold white (approx. 6,500 K). A big advantage: The light does not bedazzle because a uniformly illuminated light guide(prismatic) prevents interfering luminance and reflections. Reflections from high-gloss parts are also reduced to a minimum.

The formation of shadows in the work area can be greatly minimized with TSL’s LED workstation lights. The PL151 achieves homogeneous light distribution by redirecting light beams through more than 100,000 micro-lenses. This also prevents the undesirable multiple shadows that sometimes result from LED lighting solutions.

PL151 and PL90 product highlights

Developed for largely shadow-free illumination through targeted light control for assembly or testing Various mounting possibilities and lighting technologies available. Usage in office, assembly and inspection areas High quality LEDs with modern colour reproduction index (CRI 90) Integrated control unit or remote solution; also centrally controllable via DMX Complies with the standards according to EN 60598 Saving and retrieval of light settings (memory button)

TSL’s PL151 and PL90 Series LED workstation lights in

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